To begin the weekend – a weekend I was hoping would involve a lot of writing but will probably involve more enacting diplomacy between our veteran cat and the new cat – a song from Radiohead’s new album, The King of Limbs. I have been a booster for Radiohead’s more contemplative records, especially Amnesiac, which got me through a nasty break-up and still feels like wrapping myself in a blanket, albeit a cold one. But The King of Limbs, going on one attentive listen, feels complacent to me – like taking four years between recordings and hardly ever touring is starting to take a toll. Radiohead was central to my musical development, and they were probably the last band to wear the crown of “Best Band in the World” before the paradigm shift in the last decade – we just don’t talk about bands that way anymore – but The King of Limbs feels phoned in.

Nonetheless, this is a luxuriant song, and I kind of like the title.